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Focusing On YOUR Moments

2 Aug 2011 by Recovering You, 1 Comment »

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When we are in a place in our lives that is less than happy, less than comfortable, less than simple, it is easy to get caught up in wondering and fretting over what tomorrow will bring. We star gaze and look to the future, questioning how it will all turn out.

Most often we perceive the future, based on what we know of the past. Every now and then we have hope, but mostly we assume that what has been will follow again. When we?e not in the future, pondering our destiny, we return to the past, looking for proof, evidence and clues about what lies ahead.

But the best we can really do is to choose in this very moment how it will be.

We can only make a choice right now, with what we have today.

We have no control over how it was, or what will come.

What would you choose for yourself in this moment?

And the one after that?

Will you think differently, act differently, believe differently?

Will you choose what to pay attention to and what to pay no mind to?

Will you choose to love, to appreciate, to forgive, to respect?

Will you judge, blame, control or criticize?



YOU can choose how to experience each moment.

This moment.

And then you can choose again, in the next and the next.

You can do this for yourself.

And only yourself.

You can make each and every moment, the moment you chose.

You can control this moment and what it means for you.

Because you have that power.

You always did.

Life is not happening to you. You, in your infinite power create it. So choose what kind of life you create, choose how you use your power and focus on making this moment, and the next, YOUR moments.

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