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The New Recovering You

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Regular visitors to Recovering You will have noticed that the site has recently been updated.

All of the articles are still there, but the layout has changed quite a bit.

The original Recovering You started out as more of a way for me to share thoughts about my journey of reaching for recovery but as time has gone on, more people are looking for information about all aspects of living with and loving the addict in their lives.

The new design was put together to allow new Recovering You readers to more easily see what articles are available, and easily find something of interest to read. With the old design new visitors had to scroll through page after page to get to the next list of articles.

The new layout also allows for thumbnails of the main pictures to be shown which, I think, makes the home page more visually appealing and less wordy.

I hope you like the new design but if there is anything you want to suggest or recommend for the new layout, please let me know in the comments below.

I remain passionate about supporting other to find their way to their recovery, as they go through the journey of living with and/or loving an addict. I know what is possible when we take control of our own recovery, regardless of or in conjunction with, the recovery of the addict we love.

I look forward to sharing a lot more new articles and information with you soon and welcoming new Recovering You subscribers.

In the meantime keep strong and continue to take the steps towards your recovery.


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