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When you are facing addiction in your life, it can be hard to imagine recovery. Every now and then you let yourself dream about it but with so many stark realities, it can seem hopeless.

So I want to give you a story of hope. A story of possibilities and commitment. A story of recovery.

I want you to know that it is possible to rise from rock bottom, to the life you most deserve.

Our story is living proof and might inspire you on your own journey.

Further chapters will be posted as they are written.

Also, it would be great to shareYOURstory on RecoveringYou.

If you would like to share the story of your struggle in living with and/or loving an addict or provide hope through your story of recovery, send it to me by email and you might just find yourself guest posting on RecoveringYou.

The more examples we get of the possibility of recovery, the more power we give each other.

Names etc can be changed for privacy reasons.

Please keep language respectful in consideration of the readers of RecoveringYou.

Emails exceeding 800 words may be posted as separate posts split into parts.

Postings will occur on Monday? as per the posting schedule of Recovering You.

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