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Your Recovery |10 Ways To Reconnect With Who YOU Are

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When we are living with someone else? addition, it is very easy to lose a sense of ourselves as we become completely absorbed in trying to manage, control and cope with the behaviours and affects of addiction.

Everything we once believed we were, all our thoughts, our plans and dreams, all get pushed to the side as we give ourselves entirely to the full time task of dealing with our loved ones addiction.

It? time to start bringing the pieces of you back together.

Your recovery depends on reconnecting with who YOU are, outside of the taint of addiction and the roles that you have taken on in a bid to protect yourself, your family and the addict you love.

You are uniquely YOU first and foremost and it is critical to YOUR recovery to regain your sense of self, rediscover the person you are, and who you want to be, with or without addiction in your life.

Here are 10 ways to reconnect with YOU:

  • Rediscover hobbies and interests – the ones you hadbefore addiction came into your life
  • Practice self care – eat healthily and partake in any exercise you enjoy
  • Reconnect with friends ?spend time with people who make you feel good about YOU
  • Journal your hopes and dreams ?they CAN still happen
  • Express gratitude – for the things you already are and already have
  • Learn something new – expand your knowledge in areas that interest you
  • Take time to be completely with you ?meditate, practice yoga or walk in nature
  • Give your thought and feelings time ?don? shy away from them, notice them and accept them
  • Let someone care for YOU for a bit ?get your hair done, have a facial, manicure or pedicure, or a massage
  • Stimulate yourself – listen to the music you love, read books that interest you or watch your favourite movies

Do you have other ways that you reconnect with yourself when you want to regain your sense of self? Share them in the comments.

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