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Russell Brand Knows Addiction Well

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Like him, love him or loathe him, Russell Brand has a way with words.

It is, no doubt, what has helped him to become the funny, brilliant comedian he is today. His smooth patter, his clever words, his eloquence of explanation, all add up to make for an act that is as enthralling for it’s wild, winding stories and humour, as it is for it’s delicious delivery.

Many people know Russell Brand for his lewd jokes and his self proclaimed (and ultimately awarded) promiscuity. What some people don’t know about is his journey through addiction, into recovery.

Or how he continues his fight, day by day, while living in the constant chaos and temptation that fame, and life itself for that matter, affords.

In a recent post on his website, Russell Brand perfectly depicts not only his habits of old, but also the daily choice he makes to remain clean.

It is a most superbly written article about how addiction is for him, and how it might seem to others.

I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I recommend you take a look at this post, if for no other reason than to perhaps better understand the addict you love.

So, check out Russell Brands ‘Give It Up’ post, and see if there is a hint of insight for you.

An addict knows best, what an addict goes through. So if you have always wondered why, like most of us do, Russell’s word might just help to uncover some of the mystery that we as family and friends, can’t always fathom.

As someone who loves an addict, I personally am grateful for Russell’s vulnerability and honesty. And his desire to support and help others.

It is when addiction turns it’s hand to good, that the victory is sweetest.

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